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Design Process

Our Process

  • Connect
  • Choices and Presentation
  • Construction Process
  • Celebrate!

The first step at Sage Interiors is an initial meeting to understand in depth your business mission along with your dreams and goals or personal passions for a residential project. It is our process: to discover your passion, your vision; to dig deep and unearth the things that you find beautiful and that fill you with joy…

Once brought to light, we build on your dreams of beauty and surround you with the things you love in the spaces you inhabit. We take our design cues from the colors, shapes, and spaces found in nature and the environment. We draw on deep reservoirs of design, materials, and product knowledge, choosing wisely and carefully assembling all the elements that will grace your interiors.

At Sage Interiors, we are proud to guide you through the design process, discovering what speaks to you for your interior design project. Marilee prides herself in the extensive resources she spends time researching and gathering to fulfill your dreams with elements that exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression. The first presentation at Sage Interiors includes two choices of designs in response to our initial interview. Dynamically different design but that could both meet your design criteria. This is the fun part, you as a client choose what fits your style and help sculpt the design to perfectly fit the function and design you wish to portray for your target clients in business and to create your dream home with flair. We build your dream shoulder to shoulder.

Construction drawings are created to indicate the floor plan; elevations and details meet your specifications and scale of the intended design. Materials are called out on the plan, which coordinate with the associated material legend and finish schedule.
Marilee reviews in detail the drawings and coordinates all finishes, specialty materials and installation instructions. Lines on paper are easy to change, so now is the time we make certain the design is exactly the way we want it before breaking ground or starting demolition. On request Sage Interiors provides 3d renderings for visual concepts or to use as a marketing tool during the construction process.

Once we have finalized our finish selections, a presentation board is prepared with the selected finishes for a final review. And YES, we do have fun along the way.

The approved drawings will go out to bid or be priced by your selected contractor. Any RFI’s (request for information) from the contractor will be clarified and all design details and all products priced and prepared for ordering.

Communication is key for the contractor, client and interior designer on product lead times and installations to ensure the design meets the client’s expectations.

After months of creating the design, reviewing the design and watching it all come to life, it is time to sit back and enjoy your very own professional interior design! We will certainly take some professional photos and share your joy. Cheers!