Sage Interiors was featured on NNBW Support Your Local Business Profile

Sage Interiors was featured on NNBW Support Your Local Business Profile

Sage Interiors was featured on NNBW (Northern Nevada Business Weekly) Support Your Local Business Profile: Check out the interview below:

NNBW: Tell us about your business and some of the most important services you provide?

Answer: “Beauty Inspires” is the founding philosophy of Sage Interiors, a premier interior design firm with a mission to unearth a client’s vision and make their interior spaces simply magnificent. Owner and founder Sophia Auroré is an experienced Registered Interior Designer. She is dedicated to raising the quality standards in design by creating functional, durable spaces that inspire with creative design concepts. Sage Select is a sister company that provides custom styled furnishings to meet commercial standards for durability, functionality and raises the bar for exceptional design. Custom upholstery, bespoke wood tables (made right here in Reno), and original art are selected or commissioned in collaboration with craftsmen and artists. Color Immersion is the newest blooming business under the Sage Interiors umbrella. Sophia has created three levels of packages for room by room online design, providing professional interior design advice for the DYI residential client. Depending upon the package level, choices include color selection, art, accessories, and furniture. With online coordination, all selections are neatly documented in a PDF and Excel budged spreadsheet with all the information needed to purchase everything the client needs. The three Builder Packages are available for projects ranging from finish selection in a kitchen remodel all the way to detailed finish and furniture selection for a client building a new home. This very exciting new service has taken off in 2020. Online interior design is efficient, affordable and we have fun!

NNBW: What are some of the key things your business does to ensure premium levels of customer service?

Answer: Sophia has a structured design system that presents a client with a set of design options at different cost levels. In close collaboration with the client, she refines the design and optimizes budget to assure a successful project.

NNBW: What makes Northern Nevada such a great place to own and operate a business?

Answer: Sage Interiors was named for the vast sagebrush expanses characteristic of the natural beauty of Northern Nevada. Our high desert home is an inspiring place to work, play and create beauty.

NNBW: As a local business owner, why do you feel it’s important to give back to the community?

Answer: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ―Pablo Picasso

Whether the gift is time, money or creative ideas, our small businesses create momentum and give local character to Northern Nevada’s economy.

NNBW: What are you doing to support other local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: Sophia has been donating harvest farm boxes to people in need, directly from farm to table. This helps our farmers and feeds our neighbors all here in the Truckee Meadows. Sophia continues to provide work for local artists and craftsmen for projects in Northern Nevada and across the nation.

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