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Jay Hamby, Vice President, Operations

Atlantic Aviation

"Atlantic Aviation and Sage Interiors share in a great partnership. Marilee has a way of bringing a professional decorative focus to our facilities that all stakeholders can truly appreciate. Thanks for another job well done!"

Michelle de la Fuente, Aviation & Hospitality Professional

Atlantic Aviation

"Ms. Wintz, I was there last month. It's a very beautiful facility. You have an innate ability to create a masterpiece. Luxury Defined!"

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Wine Tasting Room

Caesar Ibarra

Muckel Anderson CPAs

"Marilee was absolutely instrumental with helping our firm build out our new office and move with very little impact to our employees. She brought creativity to the table and was able to work with our team to merge the ideas into an outstanding final product. Marilee went beyond our expectations of what an interior designer does by working with the contractor to make sure our plans were executed to her liking. I highly recommend Marilee Wintz and Sage Interiors."

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Wine Tasting Room

Lawrence Lee Huber,


"Marilee has been a dear friend and colleague in the design field for many years. For every project that has required her services, she has been my go-to interior designer. Her ideas are fresh and she looks at the design project from the owner's perspective and works closely with the Architect for total satisfaction. I believe her greatest asset is her ability to listen and make your vision a reality. She is extremely diligent and always comes through on time and on budget. This is critical, considering the high expectations of my clients. An excellent example of her work is showcased in the club house and offices at Red Hawk in Sparks, Nevada. Marilee tirelessly worked to ensure the design intent was met and far exceeded my expectations. Speaking of expectations, the owner said he needed to walk through the building several times and pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He was shocked at how excellent the building looked and the incredible level of finish that it had. I won't hesitate to recommend Marilee to a client to perform any interior design work. Thank you Marilee.

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Wine Tasting Room

Larry Hughes


"I have known Marilee Wintz, owner of Sage Interiors, for several years. When my wife, Linda, and I decided to remodel and redecorate our Reno home there was no question we would consult with Marilee. We soon discovered her incredible talent as an interior designer, as well as her tremendous creative abilities. From our initial meetings reviewing the proposed changes that we were looking for, through completion and follow-up, Marilee was constantly vigilant over the project. With her expertise, our home which was reminiscent of the 1970's, was transformed to an elegant and beautiful showplace. Every day we enjoy the beauty which surrounds us, and take great pride in sharing our home with family and friends.

Marilee spent many hours with us discussing design, textures and materials, as well as meeting us at various shops and stores to work towards the transformation we had envisioned. I must say, she and Linda had great fun, as I, in choosing the beautiful finishing products which would pull the project together. Her expertise was, and remains, invaluable."

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Wine Tasting Room

Donna Nielsen


"I first met Marilee several years ago when she was the designer for my husband's medical office. I was impressed with her designs and her professionalism at that time. Three years ago I decided to remodel my kitchen in my 100 + year old home and knew I wanted the best to help me.

Marilee has been everything I wanted in a designer. She has a great sense of color and design, meshing the two so well. I would mention certain items that I was interested in and within a day or two, she would have a folder of everything about the idea, personally delivered to my front door!

Marilee was very pleasant and easy to work with during my kitchen project. I never had to worry about dealing with any problems--she would trouble shoot with the contractor, architect, painter, etc. and the project went very smoothly. She designed and orchestrated the construction of a one of a kind beautiful metal hood for my stove using artists in both LA and Reno to produce a very unique piece. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Marilee for any interior design project.

Sincerely, Donna Nielsen"

Wine Tasting Room

Roger Royce, President

Sonocine, Inc.

Dear Marilee,

We at Sonocine, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to offer thanks and appreciation to you for the professional advice and service that you provided before, during and after the design process of our new facility.

Your patience, flexibility and unflappable demeanor made you a joy to work with. There were so many pieces that had to come together, and you kept us on track with every detail, whether it be big or small (everything from rocks for our fountain, to the six (6) different types of chairs required). Your follow through was flawless with nothing fell thru the cracks and for this we are very appreciative.

Thank you again for your professional service as we worked through the maze of products, colors pallets, floor plans, furniture, etc. Please feel free to use our firm as a reference.

Sincerely, Roger Royce President / Chief Operating Officer