Giving Handmade Happiness

December 19th, 2012

My gift to you: Inspiration to buy your gifts local from the  many talented artists in Reno/Tahoe! At Sage Interiors 2012 was a year of connecting with artisans and craftsmen to bring clients one of a kind interior design made with love and  pride! Sewing luxury fabrics, forging solid metals, throwing whimsical pottery, painting unique murals, elaborate framing, installing intricate tile patterns are just a few of the creative miracles that came to life this year!

Speaking of coming to life – apple green is the color on the horizon for Sage Interiors! Fresh new apple green is part of a new branding package which will be revealed in January, celebrating a new look in a new exciting year. In celebration of the new theme, for Christmas dinner see how we are pumping up the volume on traditional colors with apple green and cherry red. I urge you to play with fresh new colors for the seasons. Handmade pure linen place mats stitched with simple elegant red yarn matched with cherry red floral napkins set the stage for a  flower fold on the napkin perfectly held in place by green apples which will be roasted for Christmas dessert.

Comfort at home over the holidays is not complete without nature’s touch and love put into each and every package. Wishing everyone the gift of happiness and to always be surrounded by beauty. Beauty Inspires!

Commercial Interior Design in Reno

October 10th, 2012

Sage Interiors was recently retained by Peavine Capital for  Interior Design of their commercial office here in Reno, Nevada. Stylish custom seating creates a comfortable place to meet and appreciate the ambiance of the design.

The pristine water of Lake Tahoe, so elegantly captured by Olaf Carmel was the color and inspiration for the office. Large scale image defines the space and the owner’s appreciation of nature,  The crisp print on wrapped canvas looks as if you could walk right into the lake!

LOVE our textile for the chairs as it represents stones from the water’s edge, mirroring the image on the wall. Pottery accessories accentuate the color and shapes of the textiles.

The “Desolation Dawn” photo, also by Olaf Carmel is an area the owner has gone running the back country. An inspiring image to work with. This image is printed in the “painterly effect” so clients have a hard time telling if this is a painting or a photo. Fine work by the Carmel Gallery!

Fall Fashion Flair Sparks Design Concept for Commercial Office

October 5th, 2012

Commercial Interior Design inspired by rich neutral tweed and canvas fall fashion textures  make me smile. Love the subtle mix of handsome tans, grays with buttons and belts for a men’s wear flair in this photo from Vogue and Coffee! This pug is hanging in high style! At Sage Interiors, with the idea of fashion forward, we have developed a professional office design with elements of embossed harlequin tiles, luscious bronze and black woven metal, plaid carpet, sumptuous woven and medallion textiles, topped off with crushed glass and black tailored sconces. Traditional materials and concepts flirting with modern textures sets the stage for a welcoming reception in Reno.

Harvest Home in the Truckee Meadows

September 30th, 2012

Time to celebrate fall harvest in the high desert! Cool crisp Reno nights and rustle of leaves on the street bring a whole new appreciation of russet colored hues and deep rich earth tones for the home. As the leaves dance gracefully through the air, take inspiration to embrace the season on patios and home decor as we celebrate autumn in its full glory. Heather Bullard’s lifestyle patio depicts the perfect place to gather.

Setting an autumn table courtesy of My Home Ideas with gifts from the garden create a warm ambiance. Home made pottery adds and element of earth and natural style to the table. Planet X Pottery in Gerlach creates wonderful custom pottery for any occasion. Generous soup bowls are perfect for Brandied Pumpkin Soup inspired by the Cafe Beaujolais in charming town of Mendocino, California.

Sage Interiors gathered textile treasures that bring harvest season from the outdoors in creating a warm palette and sumptuous textures. The java hued sateen textile has a whimsical pattern that is reminiscent of leaves in their giddy flight to the ground. Luscious fringe fabric has a texture like dried grasses. Persimmon colored simple flowers add a touch of color to the mix. Honey colored warm wood is accented with a sweet floral bronze liner. An embracing design theme that creates abundance all year long in Reno Interior Design.

Modern Twist On Nature Inspired Design At Lake Tahoe

September 17th, 2012

Embracing the love of nature and integrity of materials, this South Lake Tahoe custom interior design sets the stage for modern mountain luxury. Sage Interiors specializes in emphasizing nature elements and mirroring the client’s passions and dreams into their custom designs. Take a look at some of the amazing materials in this dramatic home. . .

Linear and luscious, this forged metal light fixture will illuminate the dining room at the gathering place in this South Lake Tahoe home. Like the pine boughs on the lot, this fixture depicts nature in a sleek, modern, stylish way. Choices of metal finish include natural steel, mahogany, bronze and black. Shades can be a luxurious micro suede, parchment or linen.

Love this chiseled black granite vessel sink for the master bath! The pure quality of stone in its essence will be juxtaposed with slate and glass tile for the back splash. Oil rubbed bronze plumbing and light fixtures with strong sculptural elements will complete a dynamic design.

The play of light on this sculptured stone will add to the ambiance of the living room fireplace. The light limestone colors resembles the sand on the beach;  a way to bring the outdoors into this beach side home. Amazing scale!  This stone comes 6″ x 24″ for a sensual modern texture and layout. Variation of color in each piece emphasizes the custom look. Deep rich cherry wood mantel inset with hammered copper will complete the look of luxury.

Luxury Tile and Textile Design in Reno Interior Design

July 13th, 2012

Comfort and ambiance compliments of Reno Interior Designer, Marilee Wintz at Sage Interiors. I know you want to take a seat in this luxurious chenille swivel chair and enjoy a glass of wine with a view of the city and eastern horizon. Enjoy the expansive view, the custom fireplace or your partner next to you. Warm rich honey color on the wall flows nicely with the copper textiles and enhanced with an elegant red traditional pattern on the pillows and draperies. Stone, glass, copper and embossed tiles dance on the fireplace with a sense of timeless elegance.


Luxury Tile by Sonoma Tilemakers composed of Harlequin stones and crushed glass set the stage for a warm and inviting focal point in this Reno living room. We added Rossa Verona, an Italian red marble to our mix of stone to relate to the vibrant red textiles. The traditional Harlequin pattern is used in a modern layout – the perfect mix of traditional design that relates to today!




The client, a connoisseur of fine wines was ecstatic that we included an embossed tile of grapes and leaves on the fireplace. This is the meaningful, personal touch we like to add to our one of a kind Interior Design.


Understated Elegance in Downtown Reno Conference Room

June 4th, 2012

It was great fun developing a mix of pattern, texture and images to create the dynamic features of the interior design of this conference room for a local accounting firm. The warmth of cherry wood and two tone sand colors create a neutral palette for emphasizing the blue and green accessories and original art inspired by the natural colors of Lake Tahoe. We purchased one of only fifty prints of Elizabeth Carmel’s “Tahoe Summer” photograph in a grand 80″ w x 50″ h scale.



The warm cherry wood on the back wall contrasts with the lively aluminum laminate within the millwork. The brushed aluminum finish matches hardware found throughout the office. The laminate’s pattern echos the movement of the sculpted wood material in the conference room’s reception area. (see our March 15th blog entry)



The conference table’s rectangular shape is softened by the circular pattern on the back of the chairs. The Sable Melodeon pattern by Momentum Textiles pulls together the room’s color scheme and adds modern curvilinear shapes to the overall design. The funky green vase was also chosen to support the circle theme and add a splash of color.


Luxurious Master Suite Interior Design with a City Skyline View

April 2nd, 2012

I love mixing materials of different sheens, shapes and patterns to create a luxurious interior design. Texture and pattern bring this bedroom suite to life. 1″ x 2″ taupe stones are mixed with a luscious leaf liner and antiqued glass tile to create an element of surprise and sparkle.

Sonoma Tilemakers Tantum Adobe Glass Tile is the perfect material in this application. Bringing the modern feel of glass, but with an antique crushed glass look, it met the clients more traditional requirements. With a ceramic backing this crushed glass is available in an array of colors.

Two tone neutrals are perfect for this elegant master suite overlooking the city skyline of Reno, Nevada. The curvalinear valence and draperies have a metallic sheen which accentuates the sparkle in the glass fireplace tiles. This is what we call jewelry in interior design!

A close up photo of the Larson linen and silk textile from the window covering reveals the organic shapes woven in a metallic pearl on a lovely linen background. A perfect inspiration for the custom bedding we are creating for this master suite.

Reno Corporate Interior Design by Sage Interiors

March 15th, 2012

Good Interior Design means business! In a recent Sage Interiors
office design this curvilinear reception desk embraces the client at
the door of a Reno Business. Sandstone tile and warm cherry
are juxtaposed with the modern stainless steel of the desk’s chevron
and trim features. The soffit mirrors the shape of the desk with sleek
Oggetti Luce Wave Pendants. A horizontal frosted glass design creates
privacy while still allowing plenty of light into the adjacent conference room.  Materials carefully selected and woven into meaningful design are all parts of establishing a welcoming place of business that tells their story. I love working with corporate clients to define their style and set the stage for success!

The three-dimensional relief of the sculpted wall panels is emphasized
by the elevated lighting, with the resulting shadows making these
modern materials become dynamic works of art. This “wavy wall” is an
abstract sculpted MDF (medium-density-fibreboard) which is then coated with a film, in this case a custom wood finish of our choice. This material establishes the focal point of the design.


The Oggetti Luce Wave Pendant continues the theme of linear shapes and act as task lighting above the reception desk.   The wave shape is created with a brushed nickel finish which relates to the metal finishes in the desk.  This pendant is a delight to light!


Whimsical Powder Room Design in Reno

February 29th, 2012

A recent Sage Interiors design introduced a motif of fluid bubbles and
whimsical circular shapes into this small, angular powder room. Wall
tiles mimicking round stones of varying sizes are mirrored by the
bubbly fun of the nickel plated light fixture. The interior design
includes a honey onyx vessel sink accentuating the golden tone of the
limestone wall tile. Along with the glass accent back splash tile,
this creates a gorgeous collage of stone and glass. A custom
serpentine shaped burgundy vanity continues the luscious curvilinear
theme. A perfect place to powder your nose here in Reno, Nevada.